The Berserker Horde miniatures capture the ferocious essence of the Blood Lust warriors that eat worlds in the Grim Dark Universe, epitomizing their savage and bloodthirsty nature on the battlefield. Known for their absolute savagery and relentless pursuit of collecting the skulls of their foes, these bits are a grim reminder of the unbridled violence of the twelfth legion roaming the galaxy in the Grim Dark Future. Specifically crafted to complement both current and Heresy era warriors akin to the warriors of the blood god, these 28mm scale bits seamlessly integrate with your favorite tabletop wargame armies, particularly those aligned with corrupted forces. Embrace the maniacal fervor and monstrous fury of the Berserker Horde and bring a new level of brutal realism to your gaming experience.
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Berserker Horde V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads X10 3d printed

Berserker Horde V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads X10

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Come check out our Beserker Horde V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads. These come with intricate 3D designs that make painting a breeze. This item comes with ten shoulder armor pauldrons. This...