The Space Egyptians offer a glimpse into the arcane and enigmatic warriors of the Grim Dark universe, donned in intricate and baroque armor that reflects their eternal servitude to the corrupted forces. These miniatures harmonize seamlessly with forces reminiscent of egyptian myth Tailored for 28mm scale models, these components elevate the mysticism and psychic prowess of your favorite tabletop wargame armies aligned with the dark God of change, intrigue, and sorcery. Ideal for crafting Corrupted Sorcerers and unleashing psychic might on the battlefield, these Space Egyptians miniatures epitomize the essence of warriors animated by the power of Chaos and the will of the Lord of Change, embodying a legacy of ancient spells and arcane knowledge.
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Space Egyptians V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads X10 3d printed

Space Egyptians V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads X10

From $12.00
Come check out our Space Egyptians V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads. These come with intricate 3D designs that make painting a breeze. This item comes with ten shoulder armor pauldrons. This...