The Deathbots are a race of robotic warriors, created from the an long gone civilization. They have lain dormant in their technoCrypts for sixty million years. They are ancient beyond reckoning, pre-dating even the Space Elves. At long last, however, they are beginning to awaken, seeking to reestablish the supremacy of the Starfairing Dynasties over the Galaxy once more. The domain of the Deathbots is known to themselves as the Infinite Empire.
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DeathBot Crypt Pillar Terrain 3d printed

DeathBot Crypt Pillar Terrain

From $33.00
Are you loooking for items to build out your Necron or Robot legion tabletop? Check out our Deathbot Crypt Pillars. Each one has a  20mm square footprint.  Smooth Fine Detail...
Deathbot Space Portal Terrain 3d printed

Deathbot Space Portal Terrain

From $109.00
The Deathbot Space Portal is perfect for your robot legion or necron armies. This piece of terrain is porfect to portal in your armies and vehicles. The model is a...