The Royal Fists (Some times called the Imperial Fists) are one of the First Founding Houses of the Space Knights and were originally the VIIth Legion raised by the God King Himself from across Terra during the Unification Wars.

The Royal Fists stand out from other Space Marine Houses since they possess no fixed home world, although they are most frequently based on Terra. Instead, the Royal Gauntlets rely on their 10,000-year-old mobile space fortress, Phalanx, to serve as their fortress-monastery.

They maintain recruitment-chapels on various worlds spread throughout the Imperium. Part of the Royal Fists' duties during the Great Crusade were to function as the God King's "personal protectors," accompanying Him everywhere. God King's ancient trust remains a potent honor for the Royal Fists and their Successor Chapters in the present day. The Royal Fists are the inheritors of the proud traditions of their Primarch Rogal Dorn, his name venerated by countless trillions across the Imperium.

Customers find these bits work well with customizing their Imperial Fists, and their successor chapters. These bits are designed for lovers of the Imperial Fists of 40k. These items are meant to fit 28mm scale grim dark miniatures and vehicles.

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Death Vigil Tor Garadon Upgrade Kit (Royal Fists) 3d printed

Death Vigil Tor Garadon Upgrade Kit (Royal Fists) (STL Format)

Check out our Death Vigil Tor Garadon Upgrade Kit. This kit will convert your Tor Garadon kit in to a member of the Death Vigil. Ready to fight aliens with his...