Ground Texture Paste

Texture paste is an umbrella term for paints with some type of aggregate in it to resemble natural ground covers. This page will go over several recipes I have used to accomplish different terrain. All of these recipes will follow the same break down

- Paint - providing your overall color, this should be based on what ground you are trying to produce. i.e white= snow, reddish orange for clay desert/ mars, brown for mud etc....

- Aggregate - this is what we will use to reproduce our ground cover the finer the texture of your ground the finer you want your aggregate.

- Binder - This will be what holds together your ground cover. Depending on how you  will be using this texture paste will determine what you use. For example:

  • A basic basing material for your miniatures can use Mod Podge or PVA glue.
  • For more sculptural basing for say terrain pieces you will want to use plaster to allow you to sculpt your ground cover.
  • If you are looking to use your ground cover for mats and you want to roll it up, you will want to look at silicone chalking. This will be flexible so it wont crack.

Ok lets crack open our little cook book!