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There is a lot of hobby knowledge out there. Here are some tips we have picked up over the years.

Hobby Reference Info

Hobby Recipes

  • Cold Porcelain
  • Ground Texture Paste (Coming Soon)
  • Flocking (Coming Soon)
  • Foam Turf (Coming Soon)

Techniques > Model Building

  • Types of Model Kits (Coming Soon)
  • Prepping Models (Coming Soon)
  • Assembling Models (Coming Soon)
  • Fixing Models (Coming Soon)
  • Conversions (Coming Soon)
  • Sculpting (Coming Soon)
  • Magnetizing (Coming Soon)

Techniques > Painting

  • Base Painting (Coming Soon)
  • Washes (Coming Soon)
  • Dry Brushing (Coming Soon)
  • Edge High Lighting (Coming Soon)
  • Detail Painting (Coming Soon)
  • Painting with Inks (Coming Soon)

Techniques > Terrain Building

  • Paper Terrain (Coming Soon)
  • Cardboard Tiles (Coming Soon)
  • Using Foam Board (Coming Soon)
  • XPS Foam (Coming Soon)
  • Mold Making and Casting (Coming Soon)