Digital Forge: Collision Course - Disaster Street Modular Terrain Tiles

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so you need  a city area after an earthquake, a bomb went off, or just you typical post-apocalyptic car warrior environment. check out our Collision Course modular terrain tiles. This set is perfect for you disastrous needs.


Modular Terrain Tiles: Collision Course is a printable Paper tile map set, ideal for any modern gaming genre settings. The set includes 28 8 inch modular tiles. This set will allow you to layout and make a winding streets through your game's urban areas. The ties shows streets that are crumbling either through an earthquake or some type of disaster, or the world has been abandoned and not kept up.

This set is a universal set that you can use for any type of modern game. The tiles depict various roads and intersections with a curbs and  sidewalks. We also provided open plazas of sidewalk, back alleys to wind through your city area. tiles have a 1 inch x 1 inch grid overlay option so you can use through measured play or movements.


- Format: Layered PDF Color File
- Printing Format: US LETTER (A4 Paper format)
- Pages number: 31
- Tiles number: 28 @ 2D different tiles
- File weight: 13.9 MB
- Squares size: 1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm) in both black and white.

Note: Due to the layered PDF Feature you are advised to use the latest version of Abode Acrobat. You can get a copy at: