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Modular Terrain Tiles: Abandoned Sewers is a printable Paper tile map set, ideal for gaming genre settings. The set includes 39 8 inch modular tiles, and several accessory pieces. This set will allow you to layout and make a large  forgotten underground sewer system for you players to get lost in filth and shadows.


The Terrain Tiles: Abandoned Sewers is a printable terrain map where you can layout an endless maze of tunnels for your players. The Set is generic so it can tie in with games like path finder, dungeons and dragons as well as sci fi games like 40k and imperial assault. 

The set includes 39 printable 8" x 8" terrain tiles that link together. Simply layout the path you want for your quest. There is a variety of dry tunnels, Tunnels with a filth path down the middle, as well as a set of tunnels that are fully flooded with sewage. 

Modular Terrain Tiles: Abandoned can be used in combination with all others products in our Modular Tiles category.


- Format: Layered PDF Color File
- Printing Format: US LETTER (A4 Paper format)
- Pages number: 48
- Tiles number: 39 @ 2D different tiles
- File weight: 21.2 MB
- Squares size: 1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm) in both black and white.

Note: Due to the layered PDF Feature you are advised to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. You can get a copy at: