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Looking for some gray sci fi paneling for your next terrain project? looking to space ship corridors, or bombed out imperial buildings?  Check out our series of Sci Fi Paneling - Gray textures.


DIY Designs : Scifi Paneling - Gray is a set of 10 different terrain textures. All of the images are hi res panels with a 1"  square format textures. Simply print them out cut them to your terrain size and you are ready to go. You can also load the jpeg file in your favorite graphics program to make your own terrain.


- Format: Jpegs
- Printing Format: US LETTER (A4 Paper format)
- Number of Files: 10
- File weight: 9.8 MB
- Image Dimensions: 8" x 10" (2400 x 3000 pixels)

These tiles are scifi themed textures perfect for terrain bases or adventure maps to be used at the popular 28mm-30mm gaming scale, and can be shrunk down to 15mm, 20mm or 25mm scales by simply adjusting the print size percentage on your printer.

This paper tile set is easy to create, requiring just card stock paper sheets to print on (110 lb. or 199 gsm recommended), scissors, hobby knife, aluminum ruler and cutting mat. For sturdier tiles, use foam core and spray glue.