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Digital Forge: Urban Streets - City Street 28mm Themed Modular Terrain Tiles

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Urban Streets is ideal for any moderne genre game. From setting up street races to building neighborhoods for your super heroes to patrol you will find what you need here.


Modular Terrain Tiles: Urban Streets is a printable Paper tile map set, ideal for any modern gaming genre settings. The set includes 27, 8 inch modular tiles. This set will allow you to layout and make a winding streets through your game's city.

This set is a universal set that you can use for any type of gave. The tiles depict a simple brick path with cobble stone edge winding through a city area. tiles have a 1 inch x 1 inch sidewalk pattern. Tiles include intersection, single lane roads, alleyways, build your own lots, concrete plazas, helipad, and much more. The set also includes markers for different items on the side walk like newspaper boxes, sidewalk bulkheads and more.


- Format: Layered PDF Color File
- Printing Format: US LETTER (A4 Paper format)
- Pages number: 25
- Tiles number: 27 @ 2D different tiles
- File weight: 9.7 MB
- Squares size: 1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm) in both black and white.

Note: Due to the layered PDF Feature you are advised to use the latest version of Abode Acrobat. You can get a copy at:

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