Forge Mats: Desert Sands - Desert Themed Gaming Mat

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The Forge Mat: Desert Sands is a vinyl rollable terrain mat ideal for your favorite fantasy or historical war game or RPGin size 3'x5' (92x183cm), 3x4' (92x122cm), 3x3' (92x92cm) The map shows a dry crumbling desert devoid of life. All there is is sand rocks and dust.  that can easily fit your fantasy, western, future/apocalyptic or historical themed gaming campaigns.


BW Terrain & Forge's Desert Forge Mat is perfect for your fantasy, western, future/apocalyptic or historical gaming. The mat shows a scene representing the scenery of a lifeless desert area. All you can see is sand, rocks, no plants, no water. Just a miserable place to challenge your players. This Burning slab of desert terrain shows a large sandy area that you can use in games like Dungeons and Dragons, War hammer, Path Finder. Even historical war games will work with this mat. So use it with Team Yankee and Flames of War.


  • Handmade item
  • Material: Matte Vinyl
  • Made to order
  • Only ships within United States.


We offer our Forge Mats™ in three industry standard game mat sizes: 3x3, 3x4, and 3x6.


• Vivid color and highly detailed artwork printed at 720 x 720 resolution
• Made of highly durable waterproof and tear resistant matte vinyl
• Super easy to clean with a damp cloth.