Space Knights Crusader Dreadnought 3d printed

Space Knights Crusader Dreadnought (STL Format)

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The Crusader Dreadnought is a Multipart, Magnet-Ready kit designed to be used as a stand in for a Contemptor Dreadnought. Fully assembled it stands 9cm tall (a little over 3-1/2") and is a comparable size to a Contemptor Dreadnought. It can be assembled in a wide range of poses with many customization. This set has the following:

  • Main body
  • Two version of arms
  • Missile launcher topper
  • Auto cannon arms (left and right)
  • Laser cannon arms (left and right)
  • Flame thrower cannon arms (left and right)
  • Gatling cannon arms (left and right)
  • Thunder nailer cannon arms (left and right)
  • Deathray cannon arms (left and right)
  • Beam cannon arms (left and right)
  • Plasma cannon arms (left and right)
  • Robo hand (left and right)
  • Robo claw (left and right)

All arm options can be glued or magnetized (Note: you may need to use putty or bore out the magnet slot depending on the size and shape of your magnets.

This product is a digital version of our popular product. Purchasing this version of the file will allow you to download a zip file with different stl format file inside it. These models are unsupported.

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