Free Warhammer Mini for April 2024 (Not an April Fools)

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Every month you can visit your local Warhammer store to collect a miniature of the month for free (while stocks last). And from the 6th of April 2024, you’ll be able to join the hunt for the Fallen with a free Deathwing Knight!

MotM Apr01 Mini

Elite even amongst the vaunted First Company of the Dark Angels, Deathwing Knights make pinpoint teleport assaults upon key targets. Wielding ancient relic weapons alongside immense shields, these Terminators are terrifying foes who can weather almost any attack and strike back with all the fury of the Unforgiven, laying low the mightiest foes.

These miniatures will be available while stocks last, and they may differ from the one pictured. Ask your local store staff how to claim one

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