Free Warhammer Mini for May 2024

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Every month you can visit your local Warhammer store to collect a miniature of the month for free, and from the 4th of May, you’ll be able to throw your lot in with the Cities of Sigmar and pick up a Freeguild Steelhelm. 

MiniOfMonth Apr29 Image1

These doughty foot soldiers are the rank and file of every Dawnbringer Crusade and every Free City’s garrison. Each unit is composed of the regular men and women that populate Mortal Realms. They go to war with simple hand weapons and sturdy shields, fighting horrors many times their size with little more than their unwavering faith in Sigmar. 

These miniatures will be available while stocks last, and they may differ from the one pictured. Ask your local store staff how to claim one – and while you’re in, they can tell you all about the ongoing campaign to celebrate the final chapters of the Dawnbringer Crusades.

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