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Hello Everyone,

Its the end of August and the blacksmith got his monthly box of cool goodies in the mail. Thats right our Tabletop Monthly box arrived. For those of you who don't know Tabletop Monthly is a subscription service where they gather a set of items each month that are related to tabletoop gaming, and fantasy modeling. I chose the warbox option which, gives you a monthly box full of war game supplies such as, Paints, Paint brushes, Miniatures, sand, model accessories, etc. Each box contains a nice cache to keep you stocked and ready to enjoy your hobby, along with occasionally adding miniatures and terrain projects to increase your collection of modular pieces.

So lets open up the box and see what we got:

August Tabletop Monthly Packing list

First every box from Tabletop Monthly comes with a packing sheet that shows what you got, a little background info and and pricing. Also they advertise a neat contest they hold each month.

Army Painter Basic Brush Set

First up we got a pack of Army Painter brushes. This is a basic staple for any war gammer's modeling supplies. The set comes with the following
1 standard brush - this is you goto brush to so your base painting where you block out all your main color areas on your figure or model.
1 dry brushing brush - This is meant to hold very little paint and the get dragged over the surface of your model so all the raised surfaces get painted.

1 small detail brush - Here we have our fine detail brush that you use to do any tiny work like painting eyes, and hand painting your highlights on the raised surfaces.

All in all a good set. I was able to find the set on Amazon for $12.50.

For more info on army painter products check out:

Chessex 12pc Dice Set

Next up we have a 12 Pack of jumbo dice from Chessex. Chessex has been making dice since I was a little apprentice running around my dad's shop. They are durable and really really versatile for your gaming needs. This set is a set of 12 piece set of 16mm, 6-sided Dice. They are opaque blue with white pips.

I was able to find a set for about $6.50 on amazon.

For more info on Chessex and their wide variety of gaming supplies check their site out at:


A package of Krazy Glue


Moving along they gave us a bottle of world famous Krazy Glue. You know the stuff where the construction worker glues his helmet to an I-beam. This is great for glueing together anything made of ceramics, wood, plastic (PVC, ABV, ERP), rubber, metal and glass. This bottle has a large size and sure-grip panel make it easy to apply. Then we have a small precision tip to get in little areas.

Krazy glue is available everywhere. This bottle can be found for 2 - 5 bucks depending on where you get it.

To find out more about Krazy Glue and their variety of products go to:

Skittersneak Stealers - Veer-myn Team from Mantic

Lastly we have a set of miniatures from Mantic. This set is part of their new game "Dreadball". DreadBall Xtreme is the galaxy's most brutal sport! In vicious underground matches sinister Sponsors set up illegal, blood drenched contests between teams of players who are desperate, dangerous or mad enough to risk their lives in this no holes barred ball game. The rules are simple: kill or be killed.

So whats in the package? Well here we have the Skittersneak Stealers - Veer-Myn Team. In the box you will find all you need to make a team of Veer-Myn (Rat Men). There are 13 spruless figures in total and clear bases.

I looked around and found these figures on Amazon for $39.90

Want to learn more about Mantic or their Dreadball game? Check them out at:

So this is another great box from the guys over at Tabletop Monthly. All of the items combined would cost about $60 dollars or more. Quite a good deal for the cost of the monthly subscription.

Cant wait to see what they do next month.

Till then

The Blacksmith

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