Table Top Monthly : September 2016 Unboxing

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Its the end of the month and the postman has brought another great package fromTable Top Monthly's War Box subscription.

This month the guys have sent us a themed package.

The package includes

A Skeletal Champion Figure from Reaper Minatures


RPR77285 Bones Skeletal Champion Miniature Reaper

This is a lord amongst skeletons cackles in utter joy and defiance.

The miniatures is from their plastics line is unpainted. The wand is a little bent, but you can either use hot water to straighten it out or cut it off ant using a support  rod. The figure can be found online for as low as $5.50.

A set of Bags and Jugs from Reaper Minatures


This is a accessory piece crafted by Andrew Pieper. The bags and jugs are pretty generic so they will work with any gaming system. They could be added to a treasure, accent a terrain piece or be used as an objective marker. I looked aroound and this was a little harder to find but you can always buy it from reaper directly. Some places had it for $2.75

A Redstone Trio paint set from Reaper

This month the gys at Tabletop Monthly have given us a packaged trio set of paints from Reaper. The colors are the Redstone Trio. The package comes with three 0.5oz bottles. The colors are a nice set of a base color, a shadow tone and a highlight. The color is versital enough to be used for terrain, leather or dark skin tones. I was able to find the set for about $9.85 on the reaper site. other sites do have the colors individually but will cost you more.

A PVC cut sheet terrain set that will give you a crypt and shrine from Plast Craft Games


Next we have the terrain piece this month. A shrine and crypt set from Plast Craft Games. The kit contains 3 Pre-Cut PVC sheets with all the different parts. The product also contains 2 resin doors. using your favorite cyanocrylate glue or similar adhesive follow the instructions. The pvc sheet have  afoam side so you can ise a texturing tool or ball point pen to distress or build up a wall texture. then using you acrylic paints color and decorate the buildings. You can find out more info, instructions, and tutorials on their site

I was able to find the kit online for about $12.59.



As a bonus item you get a bottle of Reaper "Brush on Sealer

Lastly we have abonusitem in our package. A .5 oz bottle of brush on sealer from Reaper Paints. This is a great tool to have. this will allow you to give your figure a protective coat to protect the figure from wear and tear of using them on the gameing table/board. HOwever word of warning on brush on sealers. there is a metting agent suspended in the sealer. Kinda like chalk or powder. it small amounts it breaks up the light and dulls the appearance. in over done applications it can look gummy and spotty. If you use this the brush-on sealer must be well-shaken each time it is used. If this isn't done, the matting agent can overwhelm the sealer and result in the chalky spots.

I looked around and the brush on sealer can be found for about $6.09

Again a great haul of goodies this month. Based on the packing list the value is about 36.91. pretty good for the subscription cost. Even looking around I was coming up with 36.78 with out factoring sales tax or shipping. So Tabletop monthly wins again.

So before we go 

In this months package the guys have added a gaming objective using all the items you got. The objective is flexible enough so it could work with any gaming system. The idea is to use the shrine and crypt ad defendable buildings and use the skeletal champion as a back up defender. So not only is table top monthly giving you great tools as a DM to do terrain and step up your figure craft, but they are now giving you ideas on campaigns you can use as a fall back.

So do you like what you see?

Well what are you waiting for go on over to and start your subscription today.

Simply add promo code BWTERRAIN

This will get you $5 off their first month's box.


Till Next month

The Blacksmith

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