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Its the end of the month and the postman has brought another great package fromTable Top Monthly's War Box subscription. This month the guys have sent us a themed package. The package includes A Skeletal Champion Figure from Reaper Minatures    RPR77285 Bones Skeletal Champion Miniature ReaperThis is a lord amongst skeletons cackles in utter joy and defiance.The miniatures is from their plastics line is unpainted. The wand is a little bent, but you can either use hot water to straighten it out or cut it off ant using a support  rod. The figure can be found online for as...

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Hello Everyone,Its the end of August and the blacksmith got his monthly box of cool goodies in the mail. Thats right our Tabletop Monthly box arrived. For those of you who don't know Tabletop Monthly is a subscription service where they gather a set of items each month that are related to tabletoop gaming, and fantasy modeling. I chose the warbox option which, gives you a monthly box full of war game supplies such as, Paints, Paint brushes, Miniatures, sand, model accessories, etc. Each box contains a nice cache to keep you stocked and ready to enjoy your hobby, along...

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Hello Everyone, After a long day of creating worlds and slaving over a roaring forge fire, I like to sit back at my desk and ponder things. So welcome to my desk. We will talk about new items we create, trends in the terrain market, and even unbox some goodies. So pull up a stool and lets talk.   Thanks BW The Blacksmith

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