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Today we are looking at a couple of miniatures from Knuckleduster Miniatures. Knuckleduster manufactures 28mm War of 1812 war game miniatures, as well as 28 and 40mm Old West figures. All of our products are cast in lead-free pewter, which costs a bit more to make and sell but provides their customers with an extremely safe and durable material to work with (and who can put a price on peace of mind?). All figures are sculpted and all samples are painted by Forrest Harris. You can check out their products at http://www.knuckleduster.comToday we unbox and review two miniature. The first is Big...

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One of our clients came to us with a blast from the Past. This is the Indiana Jones Series from TSR Games. This was a Role Playing system based on Dungeons and Dragons. The set has characters from both Raiders and Temple of Doom. This will be a fun project. Keep an eye out here for updates and videos.

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So our latest figure painting commission client asked us to use army painter instead of citadel. We have used army painter shades and dips in the past but those were lacquers. So when we got the request we figured we would order a starter set to build out our supply.So click on the below video and check out what we got  

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