Free Warhammer Mini for June 2024

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Every month you can visit your local Warhammer store to collect a miniature of the month for free, and from the 8th of June, you’ll be able to make a pact with the Chaos Gods and earn a Darkaoath Marauder.

The Darkoath Tribes are the original inhabitants of the Mortal Realms, and have long suffered under the yoke of the Ruinous Powers. They fight tooth and nail for survival in these harsh worlds, their martial skill honed by endless warring against beasts, monsters, and invading Sigmarite Crusaders alike. In desperate times, they swear oaths to aspects of the Chaos Gods, who in turn lend them unimaginable power – for a price of course.

MiniOfMonth May27 Image1

These miniatures will be available while stocks last, and they may differ from the one pictured. Ask your local store staff how to claim one

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