February 2022 Product Release

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Come check out https://bwterrainforge.com, and see our newly added February 2022 products.


This month we focused on new Items for the Dark Angels. We have added a new section to the site for our Dark Angels customers. Check out the newly added Angels of Shadow. This section spotlights all the bits and parts for the 1st legion. From bits like shoulder pads, helmets, and weapons to apparel to show your passion for these misunderstood marines and their successor chapters.


To check out the whole collection go to https://bwterrainforge.com/collections/angels-of-shadow


Here are the links to all the individuals products:


Angels Of Absolution V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads Version A - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-absolution-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads-ver-a

Angels Of Absolution V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads Version B - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-absolution-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads-ver-b

Angels Of Defiance V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-defiance-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Angels Of Redemption V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-redemption-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Angels Of Shadow V1 Thunder Back Pack - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-shadow-v1-thunder-back-pack

Angels Of Shadow Power Sword Ver 1 - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-shadow-power-sword-ver1

Angels Of Vengeance V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-vengeance-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Angels Of Vigilance V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-vigilance-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Angels Of Shadow V2 Small Wing Helmets - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-shadow-v2-crusade-small-wing-helmet

Angels Of Shadow V10 Helmets - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-shadow-v10-primus-helmets

Angels Of Shadow V10 Small Wing Helmets - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-shadow-v10-small-wing-helmets

Angels Of Shadow V10 Tall Wing Helmets - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/angels-of-shadow-v10-tall-wing-helmets

Blades Of Vengeance V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads Ver A - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/blades-of-vengeance-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads-ver-a

Blades Of Vengeance V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads Ver B - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/blades-of-vengeance-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads-ver-b

Bringers Of Judgement V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/bringers-of-judgement-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Consecrators V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/consecrators-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Cowled Wardens V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/cowled-wardens-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Disciples Of Caliban V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/disciples-of-caliban-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Fallen Angels V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/fallen-angels-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Guardians Of The Covenant V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/guardians-of-the-covenant-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Knights Of Abhorrence V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/knights-of-abhorrence-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Penitent Blades V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/penitent-blades-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Prime Absolvers V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/prime-absolvers-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Pumpkinlords V10 Flaming Skulls Helmets - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/pumpkin-lords-v10-flaming-skull-helmets

Space Knights Checkered V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/space-knights-checkered-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

Star Phantoms V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/star-phantoms-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

The Fallen V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/the-fallen-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads

The Unnamed V7 Rimmed Shoulder Pads - https://bwterrainforge.com/products/the-unnamed-v7-rimmed-shoulder-pads


Not seeing what you want contact us at bwterrainforge@gmail.com or check our our custom work page https://bwterrainforge.com/pages/custom-work-policy


Lastly check us out on Patreon and consider supporting us at https://www.patreon.com/bwtf. For as little $3 a month will get you access to free stls and other benefits. For February all our Patrons got a set of Imperial Trench pieces as well as various base defense canons. So come check us out.

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