New Sable Knights Bits

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Buckle up, hobbyists! The galaxy is about to witness an epic clash of titanic proportions! BW Terrain & Forge has just dropped a bombshell with their latest release: Sable Knight Custom bits for Warhammer 40K Space Marine models! Unleashing the might of the legendary Blood Angels' successors, the Sable Knights, these finely crafted bits will infuse your miniatures with a surge of untamed power. Get ready to bring the might of an unknown Founding to your tabletop battles and witness the rise of heroes that will go down in Warhammer history! Your paintbrushes will tremble with excitement as you prepare to conquer the grim darkness of the far future with this awe-inspiring new upgrade! Charge into battle and let the Emperor's fury flow through you!

Lets go check out the bits for your Sable Knights


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