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Newly added to our shop Space Mongols V1 Thunder Shoulder Pads.  The Space Mongols V1 Thunder Style Shoulder Pads for normal power armor are meant to replace the shoulder pads of your favorite 28mm marine model. This design is perfect to convert your White Scars to give them that Thunder Warrior look. The chapter symbol embossed so you can easily paint the shoulder pad. The shoulder pads are sold unpainted allowing you to enhance and personalize it to fit your army. They come in a set of 10. For other Space Mongols related items check out our other items here....

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Hello Everyone, After a long day of creating worlds and slaving over a roaring forge fire, I like to sit back at my desk and ponder things. So welcome to my desk. We will talk about new items we create, trends in the terrain market, and even unbox some goodies. So pull up a stool and lets talk.   Thanks BW The Blacksmith

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